Selbyville All Day Long

Winter is the right time to indulge in some Selbyville jams  Plumpuddinger's Voyage EP by Selbyville Selbyville's Plumpuddinger's Voyage EP pays tribute to the sea and the songs sung by the crews living a life upon its waves. Enjoy!

Five Years of Applesauce - The Peregrine 7"

      Artie Appleseed  - The Peregrine                7"      Buy direct from Artie Appleseed Bandcamp To celebrate the five years of Artie Appleseed's campaign to craft the best possible Applesauce  we are happy to offer limited edition 7" purchases straight from Bandcamp to your door (digital download always available) The Peregrine (7") by artie appleseed

Selbyville presents Dracula Songs III @ The Apohadion Theater

Death at Dawn - an excerpt from the upcoming Selbyville presents Dracula Songs III Selbyville will be performing their first show in 5 years this Sunday October 29th 2017 at the Apohadion Theater in Portland Maine alongside Moriccone Youth . This will be a very special and spooky show.  Dracula Songs III (Excerpt) by artie appleseed

Tea First Records Summer 2012 Cassette Releases

 Blind Pelican & Artie Appleseed Cassette Split presented from Father Time & Tea First Records (Bandcamp page for download HERE ) BUY for $4 + shipping  Felsenmeer & pEACEFANg (a. appleseed) bring you the second installment of the Dracula Songs series. Watch intro animation from Derek Kimball HERE Felsenmeer side preview HERE Full listen on Tea First Radio HERE Contact Artie at for purchases Artie Appleseed's epic Applesauce Cassette Trilogy! Artie Appleseed Bandcamp HERE Artie Appleseed You Tube Channel HERE Buy Cassette Trilogy for $10 + shipping (or buy any 1 cassette for $4 + shipping please indicate tape # 1, 2, or 3 during purchase) Artie Appleseed 7" The Peregrine available for purchase $5 + shipping   Selbyville Mansions cd available for purchase $10 + shipping 

Mind Wheel - Moses Blake Road 3yr Anniversary

Special deal celebrating the 3rd Anniversary release of Mind Wheel's Moses Blake Road ( Mind Wheel Website ) Mind Wheel - Moses Blake Road by Teafirstrecords on Mixcloud

Dracula Songs II

Felsenmeer & pEACEFANg - Dracula Songs II (c-32 teac05) by Teafirstrecords on Mixcloud Felsenmeer & pEACEFANg(a. appleseed) are proud to present the second installment of the Dracula Songs series with this c-32 cassette. Available very very soon from Tea First (teac05 Dracula Songs II) Also please enjoy the animated video for the Dracula Songs II introduction:

Dracula Songs II Preview from Felsenmeer

Digital Release TeaD01 - Artie Appleseed - Prayer to Ganesh

Download the first Tea First Digital release (tead01) Artie Appleseed - Prayer to Ganesh <p><a href="">Prayer to Ganesh by artie appleseed</a></p> also available if you click HERE

Born Tying Knots - Selbyville (New Video)

Born Tying Knots by Selbyville from Derek Kimball on Vimeo . new video by Selbyville from their upcoming album