Tea First Records Summer 2012 Cassette Releases

 Blind Pelican & Artie Appleseed Cassette Split
presented from Father Time & Tea First Records

(Bandcamp page for download HERE)

BUY for $4 + shipping
 Felsenmeer & pEACEFANg (a. appleseed) bring you the
second installment of the Dracula Songs series.

Watch intro animation from Derek Kimball HERE
Felsenmeer side preview HERE
Full listen on Tea First Radio HERE

Contact Artie at teafirstrecords@gmail.com for purchases

Artie Appleseed's epic Applesauce Cassette Trilogy!
Artie Appleseed Bandcamp HERE
Artie Appleseed You Tube Channel HERE

Buy Cassette Trilogy for $10 + shipping
(or buy any 1 cassette for $4 + shipping please indicate tape # 1, 2, or 3 during purchase)

Artie Appleseed 7" The Peregrine available for purchase
$5 + shipping

Selbyville Mansions cd available for purchase
$10 + shipping